Certifications and MoH registrations:

  • EC certificate n.MED31229 issued by Kiwa Cermet (0476)
  • ISO 13485:2021 certificate n. ISO-13485-050685-00 issued by ICIM
  • ISO 28620 compliance 12.2017
  • Saudi KSA – FDA
  • Iran MOH suppliers list
  • Jordan MOH suppliers list
  • Light transmittance test: nr 2499/2015


 Vikymed is commited to the environmental issue by employing only clean energy, obtained from the power of water that feeds the hydroelectric plants of our Dolomites, and also natural gas, which is compensated for all the CO2 produced from its use.

Making environmentally sustainable choices means thinking about the future of the next generations. Reducing the impact on the environment is a responsible choice.